The CyberFlight Fleet

The CyberFlight crew has all of one airplane and a portion of the crew owns a portion of another airplane. Follow that? Good!

N1707H is our little Arrow III baby. Born in 1977, the little 200 hp, 4 place child has an avionics stack that even the CyberFlight crew is impressed with. Of course, we should be, having replaced almost every radio in it when we purchased the aircraft. The star of the stack is the King KLN 89B GPS which is IFR certified and allows us the ability to file /G, which makes controllers send us even further from our direct course than they normally would.

Of course the greedy little Arrow wouldn't let us get by with just a new audio panel. Of course, the airplane decided he wanted to force us to spend money on a top overhaul. Kinda have to do things like that when the airplane decides to eat a quart of oil every two hours, and the "chromed" cylinders no longer show any chrome. I hate it when that happens!

Sometimes we wish that the Arrow had 4 wheel drive. For example, during the winter of 1996. We have pictures of the massive effort it took to dig out the arrow so I could go to my commercial checkride. We're in Maryland. It's not supposed to look like this . At least when we finally got to take a vacation, we had wonderful VFR on top.

We loved the little Arrow so much that we took him on a pilgrimage to his home factory. If you'd like to see some interesting pictures of the Piper Plant from our latest tour, select the link, or click on the lovely piper symbol.

N285PT is a 1975 Beechcraft Baron 55 E with another great avionics stack, and props and throttles kinda reversed from where those inferior twin drivers would expect them. This, of course, is a grand plot to be confusion.

After a lot of time with the Baron, it is still a wonderful joy to fly. It has a KLN 90B, approach certified, that makes NDB's a breeze. It is also radar equipped and full de iced. I have taken 2 classes at SimCom, and one at Flight Safety for the Baron, and it is amazing. SimCom is good, but if you have the extra money, Flight Safety is phenomenal.

UPDATE Mikki is attempting to sell her share of the Baron. It is not that she no longer loves the plane, it's just that money has become an issue. If you are interested in purchasing 1/3 of a beautiful Baron located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, please send an email to ooblick at cyberflight dot com. Thanks for your interest

CyberFlight is an equal opportunity employer. Even strange people like Mikki. They don't get paid anything, but you can change all that. Then Mikki can leave her job in the circus.

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