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Where we attempt to commit aviation in the Washington DC area as much as possible, despite idiots from Smoketown, PA who blunder into the ADIZ and the FRZ, the most controlled airspace in the country, then get totally taken by surprise when those nice men shoot flares at them.


Annoyingly New!The government is doing its best to kill general aviation in the Washington, DC area. Three airports are already closed to transients, and now even VFR pilots from uncontrolled airports outside of the Class B airspace must now get discreet squawk codes and wait for release from ridiculously busy air traffic controllers. Getting back in can be lots of rollicking fun too. Make sure to bring extra fuel. For more, check out (and join) AOPA. If you don't help fight this, it could become the norm at airspace near YOU.

What'd We Tell You?Ridiculous ADIZs now springing up all over the country as some sort of answer to possible terrorism. Once again, general aviation is the scapegoat for public fears. Any ideas of taking a nice leisurely flight for a $50.00 hamburger have now becomes a $500.00 hamburger as you watch your rental time for a 1 hour training flight now become 3 to 4 hours with the additional fun of an ADIZ. And, of course, the DC area has it's ever expanding and contracting P-40 zone around Camp David. WE may not be able to fly much, but Dubbya sure is using up our airspace and resources with his weekly jaunts.

Are we annoyed? You BET! REAL responses to threats of terrorism would be one thing. These band-aid measures that do nothing but inconvenience law abiding citizens because they happen to use a different mode of transportation than some others is just plain ridiculous. Well, enough ranting for now.

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Welcome to CyberFlight's home page. Please click on the icons to the left in the orange thing to navigate our site. CyberFlight is the place to learn how to fly, to ask about maintenance, avionics, where to buy airplanes, and how to have as much safe fun as possible, while dodging F-16s and missile batteries around DC.

Travelling through Allentown Airspace? Ask for TW and tell him Cyberflight said you could go direct. If he says no, tell him he's a bum.

NEW because we just found it, and created by someone with a really sick but funny mind, Airtoons. Parental discretion advised, but damn are these ever funny.

The Vice President! Well, not really. We at least got to see his airplane. Air Force Two decided to arrive in Manchester, NH at the same time we wanted to leave. Coincidence? Well, the Cyberflight folk DO have a history of quickly vacating New Hampshire as the politicians start to arrive.

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Kinda New stuff!! Mikki at the controls of a full motion landing certified 737 simulator at United Airlines. If you don't believe us, here's a look at our our sim buddies.

At CyberFlight, we know, or can at least dress like, the most important people in aviation today. And we read all of the latest magazines, since they are all tax deductible expenses.

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CyberFlight is an equal opportunity employer. Even strange people like Mikki. They don't get paid anything, but you can change all that. Then Mikki can leave her job in the circus. Mikki is going after her helicopter rating and is insufferable.

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