Interior Design

Do we have talent or what? CyberFlight has gone into the interior design business. The passion for wanting to get cool things wholesale got to us, so we have created this wonderful page of rooms we have designed so that someone thinks it's plausible that we are actually going to sell their things. We likely will because we are good, we only pick cool things, and you can buy them from us at only a teensy weensy mark up. Here are a few pictures. Click on them to make them larger before your very eyes.

Please look at the pictures and if you like what you see contact us and we canhelp you with your own design projects. We can put you in touch with architectural, furniture, accessories, flooring, or anything else for your design needs. Please note that we are not professional photographers (in case you didn't already notice) unless we are underwater. Underwater is completely different and we are totally thrilling and wonderful photographers.

We at CyberFlight will be glad to assist you with interior design and we also retail for NDI design for really good plants that look real but your cats don't eat them. Fantabulous things. Soon we will have some pictures of our bathroom remodels we have designed. Until then, you may have to wait until we get off our butts :-).

CyberFlight is an equal opportunity employer. Even strange people like Mikki. They don't get paid anything, but you can change all that. Then Mikki can leave her job in the circus.

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