Oshkosh Pictures

Oshkosh 98 was GREAT fun! Thanks again to Barb and Dennis Demler who let us stay in their house for the show. Just got back, so there will be more stuff about the fun we had later. But for now, here are some pictures. Yes, we DID get to ride on the Concorde, and Reece got to ride on the B17. More pictures soon.

The Concorde

Concorde Flight Deck
Concorde Goes Around
We Go Fast. VROOM
Concorde Cockpit
Potties from Concorde
What a big NOSE you have
inside Concorde
inside Concorde (a bit diffferent view)

Cool Planes

Pitts S2C
Beech Staggerwing
What's THIS? DUH!

The B17

Loading the Big Bird
Looking out the back
More views from the back
The Bombs
The BOSE headset people doing some testing
In the cockpit
Those big engines
One big engine
Coming in for a landing
Reece in the B17

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